Friday, August 23, 2013

Bhutan, The basic you need to know

Also known as ‘Land Of Thunder Dragons’
Time Zone: +5:45 ie. its 15 minutes ahead of India.
Currency: Nu . Equivalent to Indian Rupee
Visa Requirement: All foreigners except Indian and Bangladeshi require a VISA. Foreigners opting to return by land require multiple entry Visa to India.
Land Entry: Phuensoling (Jaigaon on the Indian Side)
Air Entry: Paro Airport. A small and beautiful airport. Only DRUK Airlines fly here.
Nearest Train Station for Land Entry: Hasimara
Best Time to Visit: Winter
When not to Visit:  During Monsoon
Major Places to Visit in a 4-5 Days Visit: Paro, Thimpu,Bumthang
Type of Rule: No, its not a democracy. We still have a King here. Smart, Handsome and quite Brave king.
National Dress: GHO
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Bhutan is the only country which does not support tourism. It levies  a heavy surcharge to its visitors except Citizens SAARC countries. As a result this country has not yet been destroyed by tourism or commercialized because of Tourism. So the beauty is intact.
Bhutan’s economy is  mainly dependent on selling electricity to India.
Bhutan being ruled by a nice King, has been able to preserve its natural wealth and culture. You will find all officers well dressed in Gho. You’ll even find all buildings outside architecture similar. MNC hoardings and signboards are prohibited.

 03-DSC00844 09-DSC00818 The most beautiful airport possible...