Crossing the Border

Phuentsoling is the Border city in Bhutan on the other side of Jaigon(India)entrance GATE
This entry point to Bhutan is also open for citizens other than Indians.
Here’s a piece of info for Indians crossing the border.
Indians need immigration papers issued by Bhutan' Immigration officials to go any place beyond Phuentsholing.
Foreigners entering Bhutan need ‘multiple entry visa’ of India to get back.
At phuentsholing, permit is issued only for 7 days and only upto Bunakha.
You can get your your permit extended at Thimpu.
Your permit is checked at various checkpoints on the route, so you cannot escape or venture without a valid permit. All check points, are connected by internet so so can’t fool them. You will be heavily fined if found without permit.

Documents to Carry for Immigration:
  • You need to go the Immigration office. India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (5)The immigration office for Indians and Bangladeshi is located above the customs office and you would find a lot of photcopiers there. Click here for location.
  • Go to first floor, fill the form and find out the counter number on which the forms for Indians is being accepted.
  • They will click your pic and an hour later, you’ll be handed over in an hour.
  • If you have issues with your documents, you will have to get your documents endorsed by the Indian Consulate
  • You need to fill this form at the Indian consulate.

Way to Indian Consulate:
  • From the Bhutan entry gate, go straight till the T point.Vikki @ consulate
  • At the T point take  left.
  • Take the first right.
  • Go straight, do not turn right at the slight right turn.
  • Take a left at the end.
  • On your right, you would find the Indian Consulate.
  • Go straight past the guard. You will find  window.
What to Do at the Indian Consulate
  • AIM: to get the LO form signed and get the ID papers from them
  • Show whatever documents you have.
  • or Get yourself endorsed to your fellow traveler's passport.
  • convince the officer there that you are a tourist and the documents you have is original.
  • You might be interviewed.
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  1. Hi,

    The information that you have provided is very useful. I would suggest that you add another page to this blog with an introduction of yourself.
    It is always good to attach a face to a story. :)

    I am going to Bhutan in April 2013. I will be going on my motorbike from Darjeeling to Bhutan
    (Paro & Thimphu). I hope all the rules that you have explained for a car hold true for a motorbike also.


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  3. How abt if I want to travel from kolkata to buthan...

    1. Reach Siliguri first. Then follow the blog.

  4. How much time it takes to get the permit at the border?