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Here you can get  lot of useless info which can be useful at times.
Travel Etiquettes :
  • Do not smoke around schools or young people. Bhutan has banned tobacco.
  • Bhutan is a closed country and does not want tourists, because it does not want to get affected by outside culture, so don’t try to influence them.
  • Avoid public display of affection.
  • Let the pedestrians cross the road.
  • Do not litter. its a eco-sensitive area. So anything you throw can hard the ecology.
  • You will find dustbins everywhere. Use them.

  • At most simple restaurants, with the menu, you will be provided with a paper and pencil.
    You are expected to write your order on the piece of paper.
    This is because of lack of man-power, one can’t waste his time standing to take your order.
  • Cheese momo is the most common thing you will get.
  • If you are skeptical about meat/beef/pork, verify before eating any meat product.
  • All milk and meat products come from the border town. So road blockade means you are eating two days old meat.
  • You get alcohol at most places. Though there are restrictions. See second pic below.
Yes   Coke India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (84) datsi..

  • The last pic above is of Kewa Datsi. Its  a milk-cheese–potato based dish. Worth trying.
  • There’s huge meat market near the Veggie market in Thimpu.
  • Carry extra packed food in monsoon. You can get stuck in Landslide road blockade.

India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (94) India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (96) India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (75)

India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (33) 01-DSC02012 03-DSC02070

 07-DSC02124 08-DSC02125 09-DSC02126

  • Petrol Diesel filling stations are at :
    • Phuensoling
    • Just after first checkpost
    • Gedu
    • Tsimasham
    • Just Before Paro
    • Inside Paro city
    • Lots in Thimpu
  • Minor Car repair at:
    • Phuelsoling
    • Paro
    • Thimpu
  • Puncture shops at (at all filling stations and)
    • Chapcha
    • Tsimasham
  • Parking
    • Parking is a big issue in Thimpu
    • Parking in 2009 was charged @5Nu/15 mins
    • So 10 Hours night charge came to 200Nu
    • Search thoroughly for Free Parking.
30-DSC00665 India Bhutan Paro Thimpu (81) 10-DSC02127

  • You need additional permit to visit HA
  • You cant visit Dochu-la unless you have the permit beyond Thimpu
  • Few monasteries in Paro require permit. And that permit is issued in Thimpu.
  • You can get your permit extended in Thimpu
  • Do not try to venture without permits.
Mobile Phone
  • In 2009, there were two service providers.  Bhutan Telecom and Tashi Cell
  • You need a copy of your passport and thumb Impression for the SIM card
  • I used both and found that Bhutan Telecom has better coverage.
  • T-Cell has GPRS
  • Call rates of India was erratic

Night Stays
  • Though Foreign tourists are required to declare their place of stay in Bhutan at the time of seeking permit, Indians are exempted.
  • There are a lots of places to stay in Thimpu. In the main market, you have a lot of hotels.
  • In Paro, budget hotels are limited. I found a budget hotel pronounced something  like ‘pelzoring’. It was located along the river near the mobile tower in Paro.
  • In Gedu, you won’t be able to find a place to stay.
  • In Tsimasham, you have two-three places/lodges to stay.
  • Carry your own mosquito repellant.
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  1. Thanks a lot for your very much informative page for Bhutan trip. It has helped me a lot to engage the basic knowledge for this trip. We are planning to tour Bhutan in the last week of December , 2013. As we all are student, cannot bear the expense of lodging in starred hotels. So, I would like to get idea about the cheap hotel costs in Bhutan if you have any...

  2. Well, there are cheap hotels in Bhutan.
    But you'll have to look for it.
    In P'ling, there a hotel on the left when u cross over.
    In Paro, there's hotel peldjoring
    In Thimphu, there are a lot.

  3. Amazing Detailed coverage of things to be taken care of while in Bhutan.

    Basically we are 10 riders, riding on our Royal Enfields for 17 Days thru Bhutan entering from West Bangal and exiting to Guwahati in Assam. Your detailed information is of great use buddy.. thanks a lot..

  4. We are planning to go there in june. Ur detailed information us quite useful. Thanks

  5. hi abhishek here , i m travelling to thimpu from bangalore on toyota innova , can we change currency in border while entering in bhutan

    1. You don't need to exchange.
      INR is accepted in Bhutan.
      Value is same

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Neil. Am planning to go to Bhutan on December first week. I wanted to know is there any self driven cars on rent near siliguri or at any other places near Bhutan border. If i have to hire a car in Bhutan am i supposed to carry international driving license or normal Indian license is permitted.

    1. No idea about Self Driven Cars.
      In Bhutan, Indian License is valid buy they advise you to appoint a Bhutanese driver as the road is bit though. I was caught by a police officer who told me that I could not go w/o a local driver, only after ,I told him that I have crossed the dangerous section he was talking about and that I am moving in opposite direction, that he let me go

  8. Hi neil. I wanted to know i have no
    Permit right now to visit bhutan. I am going with my family via road .my question is ,whatever permits are required dir going beyond thimpu can be taken at the border or i should take any prior permit.. i am plani g to take a local driver from there.. please reply asap.. coz i am going next week and have to plan stuffs..
    Thanks .